Achieving Your Desired Breast Size

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Achieving Your Desired Breast Size

When it comes to breast augmentation, most women are now opting for the superior cohesive gel (gummy bear) implants. You should know that they are “shape stable” implants. That means they take on the same shape after they’re implanted as they have in the package. Previous liquid implants were shaped more by the body and were a lot more forgiving in terms of final breast size. When using the cohesive gel implants, more measurements and decisions need to be considered to enable a satisfactory outcome. Height, weight, shoulder size, chest width, existing breast volume, muscle development, and even the shape of the chest will all contribute to the final result. The teardrop implant will require a slightly larger size since a portion of the implant is distributed to the upper chest instead of solely the breast.

For example; A woman who desires “a natural” look with a wide chest and strong shoulders will need a larger implant than the woman with narrow shoulders and a narrow chest.

Consider carefully what you’re starting with. It’s very common for women to want implants and a breast lift when in actuality the lift alone may be able to give the visual appearance of larger breasts. When the lift gathers the breast tissue in the correct place many times it’s surprising how much tissue (cup size) is really there.

Oprah remarked on her TV show that over 50% of American women are wearing the wrong size bra. To make things worse, more stores than ever are “vanity sizing’” their bras. They deliberately mark their bras with a larger size. Allegedly, to make you feel better about your purchase and to gain your customer loyalty.

Instead of asking questions like this online, you should be talking with a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of breast augmentation experience and a system designed to show you an approximation of what your final result would be. Your surgeon should “discuss” YOUR goals with you and offer a surgical plan that explains your options and the choices that will get you to your goal, NOT just what the surgeon likes.

A few other tips; A surgeon who uses breast sizers is taking the decision about breast size away from you and increasing your risk of

Capsular contracture. The less an implant touches the skin the less risk of
Capsular contracture . The surgeon who says “Trust me, I’ll give you a C cup” rarely delivers a “C” cup, usually more like a D or DD. Another common question on the internet is “what do I do? The surgeon told me I would be a C cup and now I measure at a DD.”

How to determine your real size.

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