Buttock Enhancements

//Buttock Enhancements

Buttock Enhancements

Has your surgeon ever told you that most buttock augmentations cannot be reversed?

There are two types of butt enhancements.

The first uses silicone implants, which are placed between the two largest of the buttock muscles. This is a good augmentation for those who want a good rear projection and enlargement (bubble butt) but cannot add width to the buttocks.

The second method frequently called the “Brazilian Butt Lift” removes fat from multiple other areas of the body and grafts it into the muscles of the butt. This technique can provide good rear projection (bubble butt) and simultaneously widen the butt for those who are seeking that look. Before you can have this procedure, you need to have enough fat available for the transfer to the buttocks.
Any tissue being “grafted” depends on the establishment of new circulation to the graft within a short period of time otherwise it will die. The percentage of the fat that survives a grafting procedure is referred to as the “take”. To optimize the “take” of fat into the buttocks, the fat is grafted into the substance of the muscle itself which has an excellent blood supply. In other words, the final result has thousands of tiny droplets of fat distributed within the buttock muscles themselves.

Five years ago large buttocks were neither popular nor sought after. The desire for the larger buttocks came on rapidly and was largely an imitation of two celebrities, either Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. Historically both rapid onset and imitation are hallmarks of fads not trends. Trends are slower and represent an enduring change for the better. If in fact, this is a fad and in a few years women will be wanting to reverse their enhanced buttocks, there is no problem with removing butt implants but removing fat injected into the buttock muscles is impossible.

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