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Calf Implants

Calf implants can be very useful for people who have either severe asymmetry from trauma, or who have difficulty achieving balance with that portion of their body in respect to some of their other muscle development. The goal of calf implants is to create a balance in symmetry to the rest of the body.

“I like working out, but I just couldn’t get my calves to look proportional to the rest of my body. Even specific exercises targeting that area didn’t work. Calf implants gave me the look I had worked so hard to achieve.” —D.F. (age 41)

About the Procedure

Prior to surgery it is necessary for the patient to vigorously exercise the calf muscles on a regular basis. By exercising, the fascia (fibrous membrane) covering the calf muscle is stretched. Approximately 2 weeks prior to surgery all exercise should be stopped, causing the calf muscle to shrink. The fascia remains stretched, allowing easier insertion and more secure placement of the implant.

The implants used are made of fully-cured silicone with a similar consistency to that of a contracted muscle. An individual consultation will determine the size and shape of the implants used.

The surgery is performed in a hospital or surgical setting under general anesthesia with the patient in a prone (face down) position. Small incisions are made just behind the knees where the fascia overlying the muscle is carefully opened. Space is developed to accommodate the implant which is gently squeezed into place. The fascia and skin are then repaired and elastic wraps are placed over the legs. It is recommended that initial use of the legs is moderate—no excess walking for at least the first week. Other popular procedures that can be combined with calf enhancement include liposuction and thigh lift.

Recovery Time

Swelling and bruising gradually resolve, and a return to work is possible after 1 week, although there is continued tenderness in the calf area for a few weeks. Return to the gym is possible after 1 month.


Calf enhancement allows for dramatic muscle development that ultimately brings the legs into balance with the rest of the body.