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Chemical Peel

A peel can restore health and beauty to aging or damaged skin economically and safely. It can reduce the size of pores, eliminate or reduce fine wrinkles and is exceptional at removing areas of sun damage and color irregularities.

“My skin is just glowing. Everyone asks me what I’ve done to myself.” —K.L. (age 26)

About the Procedure

The latest and most effective chemical peel is the Vi Peel, which includes special buffers to improve comfort and effectiveness while maintaining a high degree of safety. Your doctor determines the peel process and depth you will need to achieve the desired result. Usually, the procedure takes 25 to 30 minutes. It is usually done in the office without any type of anesthesia.

Recovery Time

Healing is dependent on the peel level, and varies from 3 to 10 days. Mild redness of the skin will persist for several weeks.


A more uniform and fresher skin color with a decrease in sun damage, wrinkles and pore size is possible.

Chemical Peel FAQ’s

  • Can you have more than one chemical peel? At the lower levels there are no real restrictions on the number of peels, but once peels are performed at the maximum levels (i.e., level 4) there are some changes that occur in the deeper levels of the skin, limiting the number of times this level of peel can be performed. It is generally considered that three peels are the maximum, but individual evaluation is necessary.
  • Is there any danger in continuing to use glycolic products? As long as the glycolic peels are done fairly infrequently, there should be no problem with complications. However if you use the glycolic products aggressively, you will thin the dead cell layer so much that irritation will develop. This is not a desirable type of stimulation and is, in fact, a true irritation.