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Mini Face Lift

Years ago, mini facelift procedures were considered ineffective and most patients were told to wait until they needed a full face lift in Maryland. Often this meant that they would have to live with asymmetrical aging of the face until the rest of the face “caught up.” Then they would have to take off two or more weeks and have their one and only lift.

Times changed and along came the baby-boomers. Try telling a baby-boomer that they would have to wait several years for something they wanted now. As a solution more and more plastic surgeons began performing “mini-lifts” as a quick fix and way to even out the aging process until the full lift was needed (if ever).

About the Procedure

The big surprise is how effective these simple operations can be. Many of the mini facelifts can be performed in an office setting in an hour or less, and require minimal time away from work.


Although mini face lift for our patients will never be able to accomplish the profound age-reversing effects and durability of the full SMAS type facelift, in many instances they can be just what the doctor (or Boomer) ordered.

Mini Facelift FAQ’s

  • What exactly is a mini-lift?
    With the onset of the baby boomers and their lack of patience with the aging process, several procedures have emerged to deal with the minor effects of aging before it becomes a full problem—these are the mini-lifts. By dividing the face into four zones, you create the four mini-lifts that are possible. Each of these deals with either one or two of the zones of the face versus the full face lift, which deals with all four zones of the face.
  • Do the mini-lifts last as long as the full lift?
    No. The mini-lifts primarily deal with the skin only, and because of this, they will relax a bit sooner than the full facelift, which is a multiple layer lift.
  • How long should we expect a mini-lift to last?
    In general, I would say that a mini-lift should last three to five years versus a full facelift, which is more in the neighborhood of five to ten years.
  • Can the mini-lifts be done in the office?
    Yes. When they are done strictly under local anesthesia and the correction process is not too advanced, this can sometimes be done as an office procedure.
  • Is the terminology universal among plastic surgeons?
    No. The concept of the mini-lift has really only emerged in the last few years in its present format. There has not been standardized labeling or nomenclature for the lifts. The concept is the same, but different groups of surgeons throughout the country will refer to these lifts by slightly different names.