Good Plastic Surgery

Good Plastic Surgery

Good plastic surgery is not just about vanity it’s about feeling better.

• Feeling better about turning back the hands of time.
• Feeling better about correcting damage from trauma, cancer, weight fluctuations or pregnancy.
• Feeling better and feeling normal about fixing nature’s flaws of shape, size or proportion.
• Feeling better about how you look to the world and to yourself.
• Feeling better about yourself can change the way you interact with the world and even restore your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Plastic surgery has been glamorized to the point that people tend to forget that it is real surgery and even the best surgeons have things go wrong. Bad plastic surgery frequently has things go wrong and is often about trying to change yourself in order to achieve an unrealistic goal. The goal of holding onto a lover or spouse. The goal of fame, notoriety or celebrity status. The goal of altered and enhanced social or employment status.

It is the responsibility of the plastic surgeon to listen and understand the concerns of the patient, and just as importantly, to understand the patient’s motivation. Only then can the surgeon make the recommendation of surgery or a referral for psychological evaluation. If a surgical procedure is recommended, it then becomes the surgeon’s responsibility to offer choices when available and to describe the surgical plan including the potential benefits and possible risks.

Even when all of this is followed, there are patients who ask for more than the surgery can deliver (like many of the stars). This group of patients must be denied surgery and counseled to be cautious since there is always someone with questionable credentials who will do it; like the rapper’s mother with serious health risks who was turned down for surgery multiple times but eventually found a surgeon only to die as a result.

Plastic Surgery done well, can reverse nature’s lapses and restore damage from age, accident, birth defect, childbirth or weight indiscretions. It can restore function; enhance beauty, pride and self-confidence. It can fulfill dreams and change lives.

Plastic Surgery, done poorly, can cause; deformity, embarrassment, humiliation, prolonged disability, financial hardship, irreparable damage, or death.
–DW Kress, MD

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Donald W. Kress, MD, FACS, is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and the founder of Plastic Surgery One and the Kress Cosmetic Breast Center. The two clinics offer high quality plastic surgery for patients who want to improve their look and their quality of life through a cosmetic procedure.

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