Microblading: It’s here to stay!

//Microblading: It’s here to stay!

Microblading: It’s here to stay!

Instead of laboring in front of the mirror and dealing with thin, sparse eyebrows…or even worse, no brows at all; consider Microblading!

With our 3D Microblading method, you can wake every morning with eyebrows that are the perfect color, shape, and thickness. If you feel like your brows are a little on the lackluster side of life, you might be the perfect candidate for the latest brow enhancement in the beauty industry! This modern day method has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show and has been highlighted in articles in Elle and Allure. 3D Microblading is a game-changing technique that is a form of cosmetic tattooing where you can achieve any look you desire and create the ultimate frame for enhancing all the beautiful features of your face.

You may prefer yours straight, arched, feathered, bold, or just plain natural but eyebrows are arguably one of the most important features on your face. 3D Microblading is the only tattooing method that allows the technician to create the appearance of individual hairs for an amazing totally natural look.

Our Medical Esthetician, Tracy Ward, will consult with you to discover your ideal brow and work together with you to customize the look you want to achieve. Precise measurements along with years of esthetic make-up artistry allow Tracy to create the outline of what will be your perfect brow. You’ll have the opportunity to see the outlined area and ensure the end result is exactly what you want. The procedure involves drawing individual, precise hair strokes using a hand tool with extremely fine needles. While these micro fine lines are drawn on, the pigment is being placed just below the epidermis layer of your skin and the top region of the dermis level. Contrary to traditional tattooing the technician is able to draw crisp, individual lines that create the natural illusion of fine, natural hair strands. Topical or local anesthetic is used throughout the procedure to ensure that even the mildest discomfort is kept to a minimum. The Microblading procedure itself takes only 15 minutes per brow and you’ll have next to no downtime post-procedure. Your new brows are ready to wear as soon as your appointment is done! You’ll be given post care instructions and schedule your 3-4 week follow-up where any touch-up and fill-ins can be accomplished!

Be the envy of your community and have everyone guessing how you “re-grew” your brows back!


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Donald W. Kress, MD, FACS, is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and the founder of Plastic Surgery One and the Kress Cosmetic Breast Center. The two clinics offer high quality plastic surgery for patients who want to improve their look and their quality of life through a cosmetic procedure.

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