Mommy Makeover Recovery

Mommy Makeover Recovery

The mommy makeover has two and sometimes three parts; the abdomen, the breasts and sometimes a labia modification. This is as good attempt to get you back to your pre-baby(s) figure and appearance.

The tummy tuck is primarily done to remove excess abdominal skin damaged by pregnancy or weight gains and losses. The second reason is for the repair of separated abdominal muscles (called diastasis recti) caused by multiple or large babies. The surgery usually takes between two and three hours with another hour in the recovery room.

Immediately after the surgery there is discomfort from the repaired muscle and the skin incision. Pain medications and muscle relaxers offer significant relief. Most women are surprised that the discomfort is not as bad as they imagined. Pain pumps or long-acting anesthetics can also be used and will help for a few days.
It’s necessary for the first three to five days that someone is available to help with getting up, going to the bathroom, and dressing. Movement and light exercise of the legs is also necessary for the first day or two to prevent clots.

The second part of recovery is about energy. About day five, you’ll wake up feeling pretty good but after an hour or two you may need a nap. It really takes another two weeks before your energy returns enough for a full days work. Most people with desk type jobs are able to return to work after two weeks. In the “mommy make-over” three weeks is more reasonable.

The breast portion of the “mommy makeover” is frequently a combination of lift and volume change usually with implants, although, some women can get an excellent result with using the implants alone to replace the lost volume. The procedure can last from 50 minutes for simple implants to two hours for implants with one of the lift procedures. Discomfort for the breast portion is minimal when combined with the abdomen but the return to work could be extended to three full weeks if the breast surgery is extensive.

Surgery to improve the appearance of the labia is quick, 30 minutes, but does have some special recovery aspects. Daily bandage changes with antibiotic ointment applied to the area. Sex and certain physical activities are prohibited for 5 weeks.

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