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Procedure: Laser/Eyes, Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation
Sex: Female
Age: 30

“The staff was great and the results were wonderful and I am very pleased. Dr. Kress was very nice and answered all of my questions.My confidence has gone completely 180 degrees. I feel wonderful about myself. I felt good about myself before, but it is like an added bonus. I am very pleased with the results. The laser surgery took away most of the wrinkles and helped to smooth out and tighten up the skin around my eyes.” – E.W.

Procedure: Facelift, Eyes, Chin
Sex: Female
Age: 62

“I was thinking about a facelift. I just hated people telling me how tired I looked all the time while I was feeling fine. I don’t feel my age, but I looked older than my age. Dr. Kress told me her could make me look better, he didn’t promise me he could make me look 20 again, or even 30. He said he could probably make me look 10 years younger. He did everything he told me he would do. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I would recommend him to anyone. My friends thought I looked younger and more alive. I feel more alive, and I feel it changed my personality a bit because I just feel better about myself. My whole life I did everything for my three children, and I decided to do this for me and it turned my life around.” – C.N.

Procedure: Breast Augmentation with Lift
Sex: Female
Age: 46

“I think the reason I wanted it done was just personal satisfaction. Nothing less or more. After having a child, and middle age, I just didn’t look the way I wanted to look anymore.
I chose Dr. Kress for his credentials to be quite honest. My husband is a doctor and he’s very particular about where I go and who I see. He came in with me for the consultation, and he was very impressed with what Dr. Kress told him, so I felt extremely comfortable.I’m extremely pleased. I had very, very little discomfort – less than I truly expected. I feel that I look much better, but I don’t look fake, which was really important to me. I wanted to look very natural, but enhanced. And that’s just exactly what I got.” – D.S.

Procedure: Rhinoplasty with Chin Implant
Sex: Female
Age: 26

“My nose was really broad to begin with. It was something I wanted to have fixed since I was 15. There was a hump down the center of the nose, and it looked like a turtle. Now I am very pleased and actually I can breathe better as well as looking so much better. It has changed my confidence level. I am not so self-conscious anymore. I don’t feel that people are focused on my nose when they are talking to me. I think the world of Dr. Kress. He certainly has done a great deal for me.” – T.K.

Procedure: Blepharoplasty and Browlift
Sex: Female
Age: 48

“What impressed me from the beginning was the fact that Dr. Kress gave me choices of what I wanted to do, but also suggested for the future. I was very comfortable with his attitude and his sincerity and what he felt should be done and the reasons for it. He pointed out what his expectations were. I felt he took time to explain every aspect of the surgery. He is a perfectionist and very professional, however, he does not talk above his patients. He has a relaxed demeanor about him. I would not even consider going to anyone else.I am sorry I waited as long as I did to have the surgery done. I waited at least two years before I had it done. I had no idea where to start and I just happened to pick up the newspaper and read his article about eyelid surgery and he seemed to be very down to earth and very honest, and I was attracted to that and I feel that he is very genuine. Prior to surgery I felt I always looked tired and my eyes actually felt tired from the extra skin lying on my eyelashes. It is nice to not look so tired.” – K.D.

Procedure: Face Lift
Sex: Female
Age: 66

“It is my belief that for a good surgeon it is mandatory to have skillful hands that can master the scalpel, excellent knowledge of anatomy, and a sharp mind that can make life-depending decisions in seconds. A good plastic surgeon however, especially one who performs face work, must possess attributes way beyond that. A plastic surgeon must also have the eye and the soul of an artist. Well, my husband and my daughter will definitely enjoy one of your masterpieces for a while!And, would you like me to tell you when was the time I have discovered the fact that you were not only an excellent surgeon but also an extremely talented artist? It was the moment I noticed that, while all other plastic surgeons would draw some guiding lines on your face prior to surgery, you have not done that. The outcome was exactly the one I hoped for. My face looks exactly as it did ten, even more than ten years ago. And for that, I do not know how I should thank you other than simply saying: THANK YOU!.” – D.C.

“Since I was a child, I’ve been embarrassed about the size of my nose. After rhinoplasty, I’m no longer self-conscious and feel more like the person I was meant to be!” A.J. – Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

‘Dr. Kress is amazing, I would absolutely recommend him to anyone considering a breast lift – My ‘mommy makeover’ was exactly what I wanted.’ J.M. – Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, and Vi Peel

“I never thought I’d have plastic surgery done—it seemed so superficial. But as I got older, I just didn’t like what time was doing to my face and my self-esteem. My face lift was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time.” J.S. – Face Lift


After only 10 minutes talking to Dr. Kress, I knew he was the doctor for me. His approach to surgery is modern; he takes the time to learn about a patient and their life style and doesn’t try to push for more expensive and unnecessary procedures . . . I was very satisfied with an overall experience and scheduled my procedure right away.

I have tremendous confidence in everybody at this facility. Dr. Kress is a fantastic surgeon.


Very personable. Good listeners.

Dr. Kress is superb. I love the fact that he talks to you and makes you feel as though he is really concerned about your well-being. Dr. Kress is not pushy or opinionated.


I have always had a good experience at Plastic Surgery One.

Dr. Kress’s office is always a pleasant atmosphere with little wait. On this visit, I was provided with a somewhat unconventional method of breast massage. I tried it and it really works! Thanks!

I have a heart condition and was denied surgery at a location close by, However Dr. Kress and staff went out of their way to move me to a more experienced location. It worked out really well and Dr. Kress did an amazing job! I’m only on Day 1 postop but couldn’t wait to express how amazing Dr. Kress and his staff are. I work in the medical field in radiology and have recommended him to all my patients!


Love it! Great experience every time! New location is beautiful and less traffic around it!

I had a wonderful experience. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kress.

Always very professional and always willing to answer any questions or concerns.

Everybody was friendly and informative. I was expecting snobby people, just because that’s an idiosyncrasy of the plastic surgery “world” but it was the complete opposite. Very professional an friendly. I would definitely recommend Plastic Surgery One to a friend.


I always look forward to my visits, the staff and Dr. Kress answer my questions, and make me feel comfortable at every visit.

Everyone in the office was very professional, friendly and respectful. I felt comfortable and confident in my decision to choose Dr. Kress.

As always, everything was perfect. The staff was awesome, the environment was inviting, and Dr. Kress is wonderful. Always have terrific results! Thank You!!!

I think very highly of Dr. Kress and his expertise as a plastic surgeon. I think he is very capable and will provide me with the outstanding results, which I crave. My entire visit was top-notch.

Every interaction with Dr. Kress and his staff has enhanced my life impressively. Plastic Surgery One was highly recommended and the praise was in every way justified. My “needs” included breast augmentation and lips plumping. The surgical procedure was seamless from the initial interview to the post-op visits. For me it was close to pain free and the careful instructions I received promoted healing and the general recovery beyond expectations. Not only was the professionalism and surgical skill obvious but also the interpersonal relations with everyone on the staff were positive and supportive. The rapport of the staff with each other and their dedication to the mission of the practice in turn builds confidence and ease in the patient. In too many ways to enumerate the friendly support I received and continue to receive was an unexpected pleasure and benefit to me both physically and personally. The experience had the feeling of being a part of a family. I’m very grateful.


Excellent staff, very nice and organized. Paperwork was easy to fill out and the doctor seemed to be actually waiting on me. Dr. Kress was very nice and knew exactly what he was doing. I was not nervous at all. Payment options and financing was explained in the easiest way and to the fullest extent. I would recommend this facility to anyone. I cannot wait for my surgery because I trust this doctor knows what he’s doing. All my friends go their breasts done by Dr Kress and there was no complaints by my friends. The had me in and out of the appointmeent in no time. I even forgot my paperwork when I left and the staff ran out to my car to find me and give it to me. Will be going to this doctor’s office for both my breasts and my arm scar. Originally, I went only to pursue breast implants.


Everyone was very nice and Dr. Kress took all the time needed to explain the procedure to me and answer any questions that I had.

He is very informative.

Fantastic experience.

The staff was extremely friendly. Dr. Kress made me feel confortable as he walked me through my procedure. Very personable.

The staff is always very warm and friendly, and Dr. Kress is patient and skillful, and always concerned about patient satisfaction.

I tend to be very biased here. I adore Dr. Kress and his staff. They try extremely hard to accommodate patient needs and if there is a problem or conflict of interest they work to resolve it. I think he is by far the best surgeon in Frederick. I’ve seen his work and patients are usually extremely satisfied with their results.


I love Dr. Kress and his staff. They are absolutely the best in the business. I visited 3 other plastic surgeons before choosing Dr. Kress. I was impressed by his caring attitude and the time he took to educate me on the procedure I was interested in having done. When asked, I highly recommend Plastic Surgery One!!

Great experience all the way around, and my needs are being met!

Dr. Kress has a well-earned reputation! I always have a great experience here!

Wonderful as always. Tammy always makes me feel comfortable and Dr. Kress is attentive, professional, and easy to talk with.