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Torn Earlobe Repair

Anyone with elongated earring holes that prevent the wearing of earrings, or who may have a through-and-through tear of the earlobes, can have these problems corrected through plastic surgery. Patients can benefit from the surgery if the earlobe tear is fresh or has already healed.

“My earring was pulled through my earlobe years ago—back in high school. I couldn’t wear any of the pretty new earrings that everyone else was wearing. It was a quick procedure to repair my earlobe. Now I have earrings to wear with every outfit!” —K.T. (age 45)

Learn more about torn earlobe correction and start seeing what’s possible when you view torn earlobe repair before and after photos from actual patients.

About the Procedure

Earlobe surgery may seem simple, but in fact creating a pleasing result can be challenging. Using straight-line incisions for the repair results in a notch in the earlobe. Instead, an elongated hole or torn earlobe needs to be excised with a small zigzag so that it heals with a more natural appearance. This can be performed either by using a small piece of skin to recreate the hole and placing an earring immediately, or by entirely eliminating the hole and re-piercing a few weeks after the surgery. Dr. Kress normally completes this surgery under local anesthesia right in the office.


Return to work or normal activities is immediate. Dr. Kress will give you instructions to follow after surgery, depending upon whether the earring was left in placed or will be re-pierced after healing.


After surgery, you can enjoy an earlobe with a natural appearance and even contour which is able to support the wearing of reasonably-sized earrings in the future.