Why You Don’t Want Your Surgeon Using Breast Sizers

//Why You Don’t Want Your Surgeon Using Breast Sizers

Why You Don’t Want Your Surgeon Using Breast Sizers

1. It is well established that surgical techniques that minimize touching the implants and skin before placing them in the breast pockets have better outcomes. Reduced rates of capsular contracture (The most common serious complication of augmentation mammoplasty) and reduced infection are just a few of the advantages. Most surgeons now use a “NO touch” or “minimal touch” technique. Many even use a sterile funnel so the implant never touches the skin. Sizers, maximize the contamination by putting different implants into the pocket, removing them and trying others.

2. You’re trusting that the surgeon’s aesthetic is superior to yours. No matter how many years the surgeon has been doing this, they can’t be inside your mind and they can’t know the look you’re going for. If your doctor is using sizers that means you are having surgery without some critical decisions being made. Your consultation has to include some method of showing yourself and the doctor what YOUR goal is. Computer imaging creates a cartoonish breast that not all women can relate to it. Fitting actual implants into a bra gives a false sense of projection. The best methods involve trying on some type of beanbag in a bra so the volume can be arranged appropriately to match your chest and give you a good simulation of the anticipated post-operative size.

3. You probably have not had a proper consultation or surgical plan. The consultation communicates your goals and concerns to the doctor. The surgical plan is the doctor’s evaluation, recommendations and alternatives based on his knowledge of the procedure and his experience. Both of these are necessary for a safe and satisfactory procedure. The decision about the size and shape needs to be a dialog not a decree. Being told that the doctor has X years of experience, has done X number of procedures and knows better than you what is the best size for you is preposterous and is sometimes called the “expert scam”. (Studies have shown that if you believe you are in the presence of a “genuine expert”, certain critical decision-making centers of your brain turn off.)

Do NOT fall for it.

4. Sizers can only determine volume. The days of volume being king are gone. The world is moving on to the vastly superior cohesive gel implants. In the old days, all that was necessary was to make a hole, stuff in a bag and fill it with water until you got the size you wanted. The body would take care of the shape. Now, with the cohesive gel implants there are a lot more decisions required for a satisfactory procedure. Per Haden (Sweden – a “genuine expert”) concluded that satisfactory cohesive gel implantation begins with the “footprint”. Since cohesive gel implants are the same shape inside the body as they are outside the body. The “footprint” of the implant must correspond to the “footprint” of the natural breast. Once that is accomplished, then other decisions need to be made about the shape, the projection and yes, the volume. The best results happen when all of this decision-making is shared between the patient and the surgeon.

Stay informed, be safe, and have a happy outcome.

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