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Cauliflower Ear

Anyone who has a lumpy or scarred deformity of the external ear from trauma can benefit from this procedure. Classically these are caused by hematomas that weren’t drained after boxing or wrestling injuries, although other very physical sports can also be the cause.

About the Procedure

The procedures Dr. Kress performs are very individualized but all involve elevating skin flaps to gain access to the deformed and scarred cartilage. Damaged areas are then carved with special instruments to recreate the shape of the normal ear. Ear repair procedures are frequently performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient.

Recovery Time

Recovery periods vary depending upon the extent of the surgery. There may be discomfort which is controlled with medications. Bandages are essential to control the risk of bleeding and must be worn for a full week. Bruising and swelling will take 10 to 14 days to resolve. The sutures will be removed in about 7 days.


After surgical correction of cauliflower ear, patients can enjoy freedom from the embarrassment and stigma of deformed and unsightly ears, with normal contours and a much more pleasing look.