Skin Care (Obagi)

Anyone unhappy with the appearance of their facial skin or who has sun damage, uneven coloration, large pores, acne tendencies, fine wrinkles or who desires to slow or stop the aging of the skin is a good candidate for Obagi skin care treatments.

About the Procedure

The Obagi NU-DERM® system is a medically-based skin care program that combines a series of products, including cleanser, a toner to stabilize the pH of the skin, a skin lightener, an exfoliate, and Retin-A. Dr. Obagi is one of the early Dermatologists to recognize the effectiveness of Retin-A and has designed the system to maximize the improvements of Retin-A while stabilizing some of the nuisance side-effects. Programs are custom designed for individual skin types and needs.

Recovery Time

There is a 2 to 4 week period of adjustment with the Obagi NU-DERM system while the skin builds up a tolerance to the products and strengthens. You can expect some peeling and minor irritation during the initial phase of your skin care treatment.


Obagi NU-DERM improves the skin by stimulating circulation which strengthens the skin. It also evens out skin tone, reduces the size of pores, and fades fine lines. This program can also be used in preparation for other facial procedures as well as to maintain results. Our estheticians have received considerable training and are available to answer questions about your skin. They will design a program to meet your individual needs.

Skin Care FAQs

I’ve heard that a lot of people are allergic to Retin-A. Is that true?
Actually, very few people are allergic to Retin-A, but there are a lot of side effects from the regular use of this agent. Dr. Obagi recognized early that although Retin-A is the most beneficial agent ever developed for improving the health of the skin, the number of side effects was detrimental to its regular use and its use at the proper strength. The Obagi Skin Care System was designed to allow the maximum possible strength of the Retin-A for maximum benefit and at the same time minimize the side effects. Potential side effects include periods of redness, dryness, flaking, sun sensitivity and sometimes itching and irritation.
Why do you refer to the Obagi system as skin health rather than skin care?
Dr. Obagi defines skin health as improved thickness of the skin, improved circulation, improved resistance to disease and environment, and normalized oil production. The Obagi system creates healthy skin, and healthy skin looks better than unhealthy skin.
If I go on the Obagi program, will I still be able to take my summer vacation at the beach?
The Obagi skin care system does increase your sensitivity to the sun and there are precautions that should be taken. The Obagi system is not compatible with regular abusive sun exposure, either out of doors or in a tanning bed; however, people who are planning vacations in the sun can discuss this with our esthetician. She can instruct you in adjusting the use of the products in preparation for your vacation. Our esthetician is a full-time employee and is available to answer those questions at any time.
Will the Obagi system be able to remove fine lines and wrinkles?
Obviously, this is going to be different for everybody. Early fine lines and wrinkles often are a result of a build-up of the outer dead layers of the skin, slow turnover of the cells of the skin, and inadequate moisture to the skin. The Obagi System addresses all of these problems and therefore can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for many patients.
How long before I see any changes in my skin?
Within a few days the initial Retin-A reaction will begin with redness, dryness and a bit of flaking. This skin cycle is normally about six weeks, and by the end of the first skin cycle you should be finished with the redness and flaking and already showing significant signs of improvement. This continues to improve with each subsequent skin cycle.
Will the Obagi system help with rosacea and acne?
The answer is a qualified yes. There is excellent evidence that a coordinated system involving Retin-A will benefit both rosacea and acne, and in fact, is recommended as a treatment. One small word of caution, the initial period of use on the Obagi system can cause these conditions to temporarily become worse, followed after a short period of time with significant improvement.
Can young people use this system?
Absolutely. For young people, the strength of the Retin-A may not need to be very concentrated. The rest of the products are excellent for improving and maintaining the quality of all skin.
“This is the best skin care system I’ve used—and I’ve used them all. My skin never looked or felt better.” 

J.M. (age 41)


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