Modified MACS Lift

Invented in Belgium by two friends of Dr. Kress, this is a gentler and less invasive lifting procedure for patients who have early to moderate effects of aging, or patients whose facial anatomy would benefit from a more vertical lifting vector. Since there has been a shift to more patients trying to “head off” the effects of aging, this procedure now represents about 80% of our facial surgery.  This is the perfect procedure for patients who come in stating:

“I am starting to look like my mother and I would like to stop it.”

About the Procedure

The procedure is done on an outpatient basis under general or local anesthesia, either in a free-standing surgical center or in the office. Dr. Kress has modified this procedure by combining the best features of the MACS Lift, the Quick Lift, and the S-Lift. It features shorter scars and minimal undermining which results in healthier skin and less risk of nerve injury. Semi-permanent lifting sutures are used to fold and suspend the deeper tissues of the face for a powerful and long-lasting result without dangerous undermining. Scars for this procedure are less noticeable because of their reduced length and a Canadian technique which hides much of the scars in the hair.

Recovery Time

There is slight discomfort with chewing following this procedure, and you can expect that to resolves in one to two weeks. The sutures are removed over 5-7 days. Return to work varies based on the amount of bruising (which is generally much less than the full facelift) and can be as short as one week.


A powerful vertical lifting of the face and neck with a special emphasis on the mid-face are expected. A softening of the lines from the corner of the nose, a cleaner and tighter neck line, and a restoration of the youthful fullness of the cheeks.


Starting at $9,180.00 +

Modified MACS Lift FAQs

What is the difference between a MACS lift and a traditional facelift?
The MACS lift is a “short scar facelift” or a “mini-lift.” It is useful for patients with minimal aging in the cheek and jawline, but not as useful for patients with a lot of aging in the neck. The advantages of a MACS lift are: generally quicker recovery, less time in the operating room, shorter scars, and lower cost. It is frequently combined with fat grafting and eyelid surgery, just like traditional facelift operations.
Is the MACS lift the same as procedures I've seen advertised on TV?
The MACS lift uses strong sutures to create a firmly anchored “foundation” to support the skin. This provides longevity of the result. Other operations which lift the skin only and do not provide support will not have long-lasting results, although they can look good for a short while.

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