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Are you wondering about the latest plastic surgery procedures, issues and new? Frederick Maryland plastic surgeon Donald Kress has an informative and entertaining blog that will keep you in the know.

Plastic Surgery is on the Rise

USA TODAY has released a new report this month showing that Plastic Surgery practices nation-wide are seeing an overall rise in surgeries.  Nearly a quarter of a million more cosmetic procedures were performed in 2018 as compared to 2017!USA TODAY also...

What is PRP and Why Does it Work?

What is PRP and Why Does it Work? 5 December, 2018 PRP Vampire Treatments Aesthetics Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a revolutionary treatment that has been hyped by celebrities, media, and the medical world.  PRP has been credited with healing and treating everything...

7 Fall Skin Care Tips Your Esthetician Wants You to Know

7 Fall Skin Care Tips Your Esthetician Wants You to Know 1 NOVEMBER, 2018 Skin Care Esthetics Everyone knows that the summer sun can take a toll on your skin.  But the cooler, drier weather of fall and winter can also play havoc with the balance of nutrients in your...

Halloween Specials for Vampire Treatments

  In celebration of Halloween, Plastic Surgery one has some special treats for you (no tricks). Would you like more youthful skin or correct the early signs of facial aging? Or would you like to run and play with your children without having to worry...

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