Reviews and Testimonials

“The staff was great and the results were wonderful and I am very pleased. Dr. Kress was very nice and answered all of my questions. My confidence has gone completely 180 degrees. I feel wonderful about myself. I felt good about myself before, but it is like an added bonus. I am very pleased with the results. The laser surgery took away most of the wrinkles and helped to smooth out and tighten up the skin around my eyes.”

E.W. (Age 30)


“I was thinking about a facelift. I just hated people telling me how tired I looked all the time while I was feeling fine. I don’t feel my age, but I looked older than my age. Dr. Kress told me her [sic] could make me look better, he didn’t promise me he could make me look 20 again, or even 30. He said he could probably make me look 10 years younger. He did everything he told me he would do. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I would recommend him to anyone. My friends thought I looked younger and more alive. I feel more alive, and I feel it changed my personality a bit because I just feel better about myself. My whole life I did everything for my three children, and I decided to do this for me and it turned my life around.”

C.N. (Age 62)

“I think the reason I wanted it done was just personal satisfaction. Nothing less or more. After having a child, and middle age, I just didn’t look the way I wanted to look anymore.

I chose Dr. Kress for his credentials to be quite honest. My husband is a doctor and he’s very particular about where I go and who I see. He came in with me for the consultation, and he was very impressed with what Dr. Kress told him, so I felt extremely comfortable. I’m extremely pleased. I had very, very little discomfort – less than I truly expected. I feel that I look much better, but I don’t look fake, which was really important to me. I wanted to look very natural but enhanced. And that’s just exactly what I got.”

D.S. (Age 46)

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