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Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Men who are unhappy with their chest and breast appearance because of glandular, female-appearing breasts or excess fatty tissue are learning more about male breast reductions at Plastic Surgery One.

About the Procedure

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. When there is a large amount of glandular dense breast tissue, “smiley face” incisions are made half way around the nipple-areolar complex. The dense tissue is surgically removed with the help of fiber-optic illumination.

When the problem is a large amount of fat, the correction is accomplished with specially-modified liposuction instruments through several small punctures. Drains are placed and a chest binder is used for compression and comfort.

Recovery Time

Initial discomfort following breast reductions in Maryland is easily controlled with medications. Drains are generally left in place for about 5 days, and the binder will need to be worn for about 2 weeks. Light work can be resumed in about 7 days with a return to vigorous activity in approximately 3 weeks.


A return to a normal male chest appearance and profile can be achieved following this procedure, with many men enjoying enhanced self-confidence and freedom from embarrassment.


Starting at $5,995.00 +

Breast Reduction FAQs

If I have very large breasts, will they still be able to be done with just liposuction?
There are still occasional patients that do need to have skin removed. Considering the risk of scarring, we would recommend that a liposuction procedure be performed followed by a reasonable time to allow full recovery before committing to any surgical incisions which are uncorrectable.
I developed breasts later in life. What are the possible causes of this?
There are a variety of drugs which can induce breast formation in males. The most common of these include some of the medications used to treat hyperacidity in the stomach and also some of the legal or illegal drugs used by bodybuilders. In some men, gynecomastia becomes part of the aging process. There are (rarely) hormonally active tumors which can cause gynecomastia.
“I never took off my shirt in public. I was always too self-conscious. Now I enjoy water sports so much more—without my T-shirt! It changed my life!”

J.C. (age 34)


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