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Breast Asymmetry

Breast enhancement procedures can help women with minor asymmetry, significant size imbalance, and even the most severe form of breast asymmetry (Poland syndrome, in which one of the chest muscles is missing and the breast is malformed). All of these conditions can be successfully treated by Dr. Kress.

About the Procedure

Multiple procedures can be performed which could include:

Recovery Time

The time it takes to recover after a breast asymmetry correction procedure greatly depends on the specifics of your surgery. When you come into our cosmetic surgery practice in Frederick, Maryland, Dr. Kress will evaluate you and give you a better idea of what to expect during recovery.


Women choosing this procedure are able to balance the shape and volume of their breast, creating a more natural appearance, improving their self-confidence and eliminating concerns about asymmetrical breasts.


Starting at $7,595.00 +

Breast Asymmetry FAQs

Will my breasts be perfect after the surgery?

When correcting breast asymmetry, the goal is to achieve maximum improvement. The degree of asymmetry will determine the likelihood of achieving a perfect, a near perfect, or simply an improved breast symmetry and contour.

If my asymmetry is corrected by different sized implants, and then I become pregnant and breastfeed, will some form of asymmetry return?

Probably, yes. In order to correct any resulting asymmetry, we would have to adjust the implants to again balance the breasts. An alternative would be to have your gynecologist suppress milk production, although this is not something that we would recommend. It is possible that if you start with relatively small breasts, the size difference between the breasts may be minimal and not require any additional treatment.

What are other potential deformities of the breast?
  • Tubular Breast (Long and tubular shaped breast with a narrow base)
  • Scoliosis (a back deformity with breast consequences)
  • Pectus Excavatum (depressed Breast Bone)
  • Pectus Carnatum (prominent Breast Bone)
  • Surgically Deformed Breasts

All of these conditions can be corrected or improved but are highly individualized to a patient’s specific needs.

“I was so embarrassed by my body! One breast was normal and the other wasn’t even there. I couldn’t wear a bathing suit, sundresses, tank tops. wouldn’t even change into my gym clothes in school. My life has totally changed since my surgery! I can wear what I want, and I’m never embarrassed anymore. I feel so much better about myself now!”

K.S. (age 17)


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