Diode Laser

The diode laser is a very intense laser that has the ability to both treat vascular problems and pigment problems which include; unsightly spider veins or “broken blood vessels” of the face, rosacea, and people with age or “liver” spots of the face, hands, neck, or chest “V.”

About the Procedure

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis usually without anesthesia, although for very sensitive areas and younger patients it can be used after topical anesthesia.

The laser has a very fine target and the individual vessels or pigmented spots need to be traced with the laser light. This results in high numbers of rapidly fired pulses.

Recovery Time

There is minimal disturbance to the skin and rarely any recovery period, although swelling for a few hours or a day isn’t rare. Commonly, a touch-up procedure may be needed to treat the few areas that do not fully respond to the first treatment.


Patients who choose laser treatment can see permanent improvement or cure of the above conditions, with the disappearance of the vascular or pigmented areas of concern.

Diode Laser FAQs

Can broken capillaries and spider veins around the nose be treated?

Yes. Laser technology in its current state is very effective in treating these kinds of conditions. It is effective, quick and relatively less painful than the injections used in the past. Patients do have to consider spider veins versus varicose veins.

What are the risks of excessive sun exposure after laser treatment?

Exposing the skin to excessive sun after a laser treatment is not a good idea and we recommend against it. If it is not possible, minimize your sun exposure by applying sunscreen and also shading your face or areas that you have recently treated with a laser.  Some of the risks of excessive sun after a laser treatment are poor healing, hyperpigmentation, and possibly scarring.

How many treatments might be needed to treat my rosacea?

For best results, you can expect to undergo at least three 30-minute laser sessions.

“My skin has always been one of my best features—clear and smooth. When I started noticing tiny spider veins on my cheeks and nose it was very upsetting. The laser treatment took care of the problem quickly and easily.”


B.V. (age 49)


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