Rhinoplasty (Nose)

Nose reshaping at Plastic Surgery One can benefit people with an abnormal nose appearance. A misshapen nose can result from a birth defect, trauma, or accidents, and many people who are unhappy with how their nose looks also suffer from breathing problems. A nose which is cosmetically unattractive or is not harmonious with other facial features can make people very self-conscious about their facial appearance.

About the Procedure

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia with sedation.

Most rhinoplasties are performed with no external incisions, but occasionally they may require small incisions around the base of the nose to reduce the nostril size or across the strut at the base of the nose for very extensive procedures. Through these incisions the structures (bones and cartilage) of the nose are reshaped or partially removed to give the desired contour. Portions of the nose that affect breathing can also be reshaped to improve breathing.

A protective splint is usually required for about 7 days, and infrequently a small nasal packing may be required for a few days.

Recovery Time

Splints are removed in seven days. Most people are ready to go out in public 7 to 10 days after their “nose jobs.” Patients who choose nose reshaping can expect subtle reshaping to continue as the nose heals, with final improvement and optimal correction within 9 months to 1 year after their procedure.


A more attractive profile and a better integration of facial features is possible. Breathing may be dramatically improved with positive effects on reducing snoring and improving athletic performance.


Cost will range from $4,995.00-7,580.00 +

Rhinoplasty FAQs

What’s the appropriate age for correction of the nose?

Under extreme circumstances, such as noses that are deformed from having a previous cleft lip, noses can be repaired in adolescence. Under normal circumstances, however, we generally prefer at least age 15 for girls and at least age 17 for boys. There is a late growth phase of the nose, and anything prior to that may need to be corrected later. When rhinoplasty surgery is done primarily for airway or sinus problems, we normally recommend our patients be in their early 20’s because some of the sinuses don’t completely develop until age 20.

Is there an age too late for rhinoplasty?
Actually there is. It is commonly believed that after the age of 60 the results will be unsuccessful, although deviated septum can be corrected at any age. Because of decreased elasticity, the skin may retain a memory of the “old nose” and may not be able to adjust to the new framework following a correction.
Are there differences in types of skin and the results that you can achieve?
Absolutely. The heavy, oily skin of the nose is not going to be able to permit visualization of subtle cartilage changes as well as with thinner, more delicate skin types. Conversely, the extremely delicate skin of redheads sometimes will require that an extra safety layer be added so that all of the modifications don’t show through the skin of the nose.
I’ve heard that nasal packing is very painful. Is that true?
While the packing is in place, it is no more uncomfortable than a severe head cold. All of us have had colds that require that we breath through our mouths for several days until the cold resolves. This is exactly the circumstance with the nasal packing. Removal of the packing certainly is an unusual sensation, but in all honesty, after 20+ years of surgery we’ve never had anybody say that it was painful; just very unusual. In some offices where the packing is removed on the first post-operative day, we expect that this could be a painful experience, but not when it is kept in place until the second post-operative day.
Do all of your noses look alike?
There are a number of plastic surgeons, some famous, who think that there is an ideal nose, and they strive constantly to change all of the noses they can towards that perfect ideal. We disagree with this practice. Plastic Surgery One believes that just as there are no perfect faces, there are no perfect noses, and the nose really needs to be modified to enhance and compliment the other facial features.
I have a fairly large nose and I have a small chin, but I don’t want to have anything done to my chin. Is that okay?

The visual relationship between the nose and the chin is probably the most powerful in human anatomy. There are many noses that appear large which are better corrected with a chin enhancement than nasal surgery. This question really needs to be addressed individually, as of course, do all noses. It brings out a very interesting philosophical point. Would we be willing to do a surgery that we know will be unsatisfactory in the end, even though that is what the patient is requesting? (Does this sound like Michael Jackson?) We really have negative feelings about performing surgeries that we don’t think will deliver the image that the patient desires. If the imbalance were severe enough between the nose and the chin that we felt that it was impossible to obtain a satisfactory nose without doing a modification of the chin, we would probably decline to do the surgery.

“Since I was a child, I’ve been embarrassed about the size of my nose. After rhinoplasty, I’m no longer self-conscious and feel more like the person I was meant to be!”

A.J. (Age 22)


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